World Health Day

April 11, 2018

The theme of this year’s World Health Day is “Universal health coverage: everyone, everywhere” and here in The Sreepur Village we make sure that the 200 mothers and over 500 children, in our care, are entitled to quality health services. Our mothers join us from different remote areas of the country, they are from poverty-stricken families and more than often have not been able to obtain the minimum health facilities which, in turn, affects the health of the entire family. 

When a mother takes her first steps into The Sreepur Village, our reintegration team welcomes her and then sends her to The Sreepur Village Clinic for observation. The mother and her children stay under close clinical observation for three days where they receive the relevant medical support if necessary. Primarily, the clinic assesses their physical status and also charts any history of previous diseases. The clinic also works to cure the infectious disease. The Sreepur Village Clinic remains open throughout the year offering 24 hour support to our mothers and children. 

The Public Health Department of the Sreepur Village primarily focuses on the prevention of diseases. This is facilitated by having launched different types of health sessions and awareness programmes, as well as training and counselling on health issues to make the mothers and their children more health and nutrition conscious. The public health department tries to control both water and food borne diseases by rigorous hand washing and other sanitation practices. We also provide safe drinking water as well as ensuring a 100% hygienic environment. For any complicated health issues, we refer these cases to outside government hospitals with specialised facilities as they are able to assist with the proper treatment as well as any surgical requirements.

In celebration of World Health Day, The Sreepur Village Clinic initiated a cleaning programme at their Baby House (where most of the very young children live) They also discussed with the mothers the importance of health issues, such as hygiene and hand washing. The mothers really enjoyed the cleaning programme which ended with an enthusiastic round of questions and answers.

It is with your support that we are able to provide over 500 children and 200 mothers with a wide range of health services. A considerable number of Bangladeshis are living with poor health and the situation is severely worse for the destitute, widowed and separated mothers and their children. Every penny of your support goes towards helping the mothers and their children to becoming healthy and confidently prepared for the future.

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