Who we are

Sreepur Village, Bangladesh 

Sreepur Village, Bangladesh runs and funds a women and children’s village in rural Bangladesh. Sreepur Village works with mothers (without male support) and their children to increase their chances of remaining a family, by taking a holistic, residential approach including livelihood and literacy training. The core belief being that poverty should not separate children from their family. The Sreepur Village infuses hope in the mothers and children through providing the skills and tools for ‘a better life’. The project provides a huge range of services including safety, shelter, food and nutrition, adult literacy and education, comprehensive health care, livelihood and life skill training, child safeguarding and protection and social re integration.

The project provides a refuge for mothers and children for a maximum of three years. During this period, mothers learn 2-3 income generating skills, life skills, adult literacy, etc, and their children go to pre-primary and primary school level within the Village and older boys and girls go to local schools at class 4-5 levels.