Celebrating Eid UL Adha in The Sreepur Village

September 07, 2017

Eid UL Adha, the second most significant Muslim festival, was recently celebrated in The Sreepur Village. A three- day-long programme Eid, in The Sreepur Village, is marked with a number of lively activities such as singing, dancing and games. Every mother and child from the village went to each and every event, in which they sported not only their best attire but lots of enthusiasm too.

The preliminary day of the celebration was honoured with games, fancy dress competitions and henna creations. The day began in the CMC ground (child and mother care) where a number of games, including a treasure-hunt, sack-race, cock fight and musical chairs, was enjoyed by our mothers and children. In the afternoon, children happily put on their fancy dress costumes but the most exciting part was in the evening, when the greater portion of our children had their hands decorated with henna, likewise our mothers also got to paint their hands too.

The second day’s activities began with a special breakfast for all and then after the morning Eid prayers, it was time for the ritual slaughter of a sacrificial animal. Following this customary sacrament, the mothers and children went for a stroll where they were presented with colourful balloons and delicious cakes.


In the afternoon, a friendly football match was held between Sreepur staff and our beneficiary boys. Around evening time, Pat welcomed everybody and helped to serve a special feast for our mothers and children as well as our ex-beneficiaries.

On the final day, most of the time was spent on a cultural competition.  In the morning, our younger children performed poems, rhymes, and dances. Then the mothers took to the ‘stage’ and performed their own songs and dances. In the afternoon, Pat along with our project director, Michael, and our child development specialist Mat, awarded prizes to all the competition winners. Prizes varied from dolls and toys to boxes and other precious blessings.  After the awards, a film was screened which brought much delight to everyone.

We asked Surma, a seven-year-old girl new to The Sreepur Village, what she thought about her first Eid celebration. Surma said, “It was incredible! These last three days I have been having so much fun and the food was delicious. My friends and I enjoy it a lot. I attended two competitions; dance and song and won prizes for both. When I first arrived at The Sreepur Village, I was very nervous and quite depressed, but this Eid celebration has changed me a lot. My Mum inspires me to attend all of the villages’ programmes and because of that I now have two awards and lots of friends.”

We also talked to Surma’s mother, Kona. She said, “Everything here is different. I was astonished after coming here. The Eid programme is particularly attractive, which I didn’t think it would be without all of my relatives. My daughter is very happy and I love that.”


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