The Sreepur Village Celebrates the 48th Independence Day

March 26, 2018

On Sunday, The Sreepur Village, celebrated the 48th Independence Day by participating in different programmes organised by the Sreepur Village School.

As a first phase of the programme, the children of the Sreepur Village School celebrated the free spirit of the Bangladeshi Independence day with great fervour and joy. In excited anticipation, they gathered in the school grounds for an assembly while the national flag was hoisted by Pat and Imran (our two directors) and the melody of the national anthem of Bangladesh played in the background.

In order to sensitise the little minds of the value of the freedom and the struggle that our brave fighters went through, a writing contest was organised. In the morning, our school children attended the contest where they enthusiastically wrote some splendid stories, later to be retold to their eagerly awaited audience.

The contest was aimed at upholding the history of the liberation war of 1971.  “These stories help the students to narrate the history of the liberation war more clearly," said Riaz our Education Coordinator. Following the contest and led by our resident artist Milon, the children revealed a mural that had been created for this year’s Independence Day. We also arranged a “Drawing Competition” for the literacy class mothers.

During the second phase, we screened a children’s film based on the liberation war which they enjoyed immensely.

During the afternoon, a discussion was held on the great history of the glorious war of independence in which the children were invited to share their thoughts and feelings. Our school teacher, Mohim, spoke about the significance of the historic day and urged the students to become model citizens. After the discussion, prizes were awarded to the winners.

Above all, our children enjoyed stepping into the past to learn about a significant day in Bangladeshi history and looking to the future, The Sreepur Village continues to find ways of providing better tools in rebuilding the shattered lives of our mothers and their children, freeing them from oppression, violence and poverty.

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