International Mother Language - Competition Time

February 26, 2018

As International Mother Language Day, held annually on February 21, is such a significant event, we would like to share with you, in detail, the activities that The Sreepur Village organised on this most memorable day.
The ‘Drawing Competition’ which was for all the children and mothers to compete in was themed on the mother Language Movement, Shaheed Minar and Bangla Letter. The competition started at 9 o’clock and ran for one hour. The children and mothers competed in eight groups out of which 24 won the competition. All the finished artworks were splendid and it was mainly the mothers that enjoyed the competition. One of the mothers Zohora said, “This is the first time I have participated in this type of programme. I enjoyed it a lot and it was great to be able to join in a drawing competition with our children.”
After the drawing competition, we held a “Writing of Colourful Letters” programme during which the children and mothers, with the help of resident artist Milon, wrote different colourful letters from different languages on a large paperboard.
At noon the children recited poetry from the works of different poets as well as performing group and solo dances and songs. Following the performances, a discussion was held highlighting the great history of the glorious mother language movement. Later, prizes were awarded to the winners of the various events.
It is a delight to say that the freedom of Mother Language Day was thoroughly enjoyed by all.

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