International Day of Sport for Development and Peace

April 06, 2018

The contribution of sport to education, human development, healthy lifestyles and a peaceful world is of utmost importance and here in The Sreepur Village, we commit ourselves to the development of our children through various sports and physical exercises.

In the Sreepur Village school, we provide a specialised sports instructor who teaches the children a variety of sports every day. Jesmin has a degree in Physical Education and has experience in children’s sports and physical exercise.

About the Sreepur Village’s sports, she says, “Every day, five different groups of students participate in five sports and physical exercise classes. Each class is 50 minutes.  Sport is essential for the students because it is a driving force to maintaining discipline, realising leadership and above all, learning to interact as individuals and as a team. I believe that Sport helps to bring social changes and, in the future, it will help the children’s development within their communities. The children are very keen to take part in sport and at The Sreepur Village, we offer cricket, football, badminton, basketball, volleyball, table tennis as well as a number of local games.

For physical exercise, discipline and leadership training, we are regimental in our teaching. We also teach the children some basic swimming steps. For the young children, we also play minor games, all of which help to advance their physical and cognitive development.”

Jesmin includes, “These activities have a great impact on their health, education and ultimately their entire development. We have the girl’s cricket team that plays for the sub-district zone. Every year the Sreepur Village’s school cub scout team attends different celebratory programmes held at Sreepur Upazila (sub-district) and, more often than not, our team wins different prizes in the ‘Parade Display’ and ‘Athletics’.

The Sreepur Village thrives on aiding a child’s development and fundamentally, through this development, we are working on building a developed and peaceful society. It is with the support of our well-wishers that we are able to provide our children with these sporting opportunities but as a charity we are always looking for gadgets, accessories and gymnastic support so that the children can develop their skills, confidence and strength, and we can prepare them for living in today’s modern society.”  

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