World Immunisation Week, 2019

April 24, 2019

#VaccinesWork, Vaccines work: We are protected together!

To kick-start World Immunisation Week, did you know it costs £5 to vaccinate a child or mother against MMR in The Sreepur Village, Bangladesh?

Some diseases are prevented by giving vaccines at different stages of life. The majority of the women and children that come to The Sreepur Village are from rural areas and have no idea of how to manage their health, which means that they are prone to a number of diseases.

During reproductive age, infectious diseases and health problems are of risk to the women and children of The Sreepur Village and to avoid the prevalence of cervical cancer vaccines are a must! 

We currently provide our mothers and their children with vaccines to fight against mumps, measles and rubella, as well as chicken pox and cervical cancer.

In 2018, we gave vaccines to 183 children, and, to date, this year we have given vaccines to 140 mothers and children.

The health care of each and every mother and child that comes to stay at The Sreepur Village is monitored through the village’s clinic and during their three year stay, the utmost importance is given to their health by means of immunisation, nutritious food, hygienic accommodation and basic awareness of today’s health matters.

Donating just £5 today will help to prevent a mother or child from suffering one of these serious diseases.  

To donate please click here.

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