Rubi's Story

July 06, 2021

This is the story of Rubi.
Rubi Begum, hails from Narsingdi district located in central Bangladesh. She lost her husband after 12 years of marriage together. Rubi's husband committed suicide in February 2020, he was suffering from family conflict, extra marital affair, financial problems and drug addiction, all of which led to his fatal suicide.

Her husband's death sunk Rubi and her two children into unbearable pain. After her husband passed away, her in-laws and other family members blamed her for his death. They couldn’t tolerate Rubi and her children so, at the hands of whom Rubi thought was family, she experienced a lot of domestic violence and in Bangladesh there is a culture of impunity for such awful offences so she couldn't get help. Family members even used to beat up her children in the name of ensuring discipline.

When Rubi decided to return to her parents’ house they tried to re-marry her but they struggled  to find her a husband as nobody would accept her with two children. Due to huge financial hardship her parents were unable to provide food and clothes for Rubia and her two children.

Despite all of this, Rubi didn’t lose hope. Rubi and her two children arrived at The Sreepur Village in early 2021, at the height of COVID-19. 
Rubi says, ‘In The Sreepur Village, I am receiving various livelihood training and spending good time with other mothers and children. These activities help me to forget the bad things that ever happened to me’.

It is because of the kindness and generosity of our donors that we are able to support and empower mothers like Rubi especially during the height of COVID-19 when everything was in lockdown and many single mothers were suffering in silence. 
The measures our donors enabled us to put in place means we can welcome new families in desperate need of our shelter and life-saving services, helping to re-build their shattered lives.
As you may have heard Bangladesh is still in lockdown and there are many more mothers like Rubi who will need The Sreepur Village to become their home for three years so they can feel safe, secure and be given the tools in which to focus on bringing their families hope for a brighter future. 
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