World Soil Day

December 05, 2019

Today is World Soil Day and as part of the renowned BIG GIVE double your donations week, let's dig deep and help more women and children to grow healthy and happy.

In The Sreepur Village, we train our mothers in Sack Gardening and, combined with literacy classes, this really does give them food for thought. 

Growing their own vegetables in sacks means they know exactly what nutrients they are getting and from what vegetables, and the best bit is... they can take the sacks with them wherever they go.  This is essential when you live in a climate that, in a flash, can destroy everything you own.

With nutrition in mind, our aim is to empower more women with the right ingredients that are needed to provide and sustain a healthy future for their families.

This year's BIG GIVE campaign is called 'Health and Happiness' which will help 350 children by providing them with the right medical care that will protect them and keep them health and happy for the future.

Any donation made online today and until Tuesday December 10, will be DOUBLED.  That mean's more families can be given the chance to live a healthy and happy future. 

Please click here to double your donations and help us reach our target of over £14,000. 

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