World Poetry Day - 6th October

October 11, 2016

Then the whining schoolboy, with his satchel
And shining morning face, creeping like snail
Unwillingly to school...
A late afternoon we found out Milon Rob with our children under a Bakul tree, reciting this phrase from Shakespeare. Being surrounded by children, he is busy with paintings. We ask him about his paintings and the children reply, “We’re drawing Shalbone Surzaosto (sunset in the wilderness)”. After that Milon starts to translate the poem in Bangla and the child-mob laughing out loud on hearing this.
Milon Rob is our resident artist. Children lovingly call him ‘Pagla Sir’ (Crazy Sir). He has worked at the Sreepur Village over five years now. When you come to the village you will see that all the walls in the classroom, clubroom and dining are painted by him and his little followers. All of our children are good at paintings and they love Milon.
Milon has another surprising competence. He is also a poet. Milon loves poetry. Walking through the school corridor, at the playground and in children mob, he loudly recites poetry.


We asked him about his poetry?
“I just write poems for myself. I feel better then I write poetry or draw pictures. I share it with our children, whether they understand or not they like it. They are laugh. I want to put smiles on their faces. That’s all. And I love it.”
What do you like about poetry ?
“Poetry speaks to the people, it discloses the freedom of thoughts and love towards humanity. I try to find love, sad and the ultimate independence of humanity in poetry. When I write, I forget everything but the spiritual liberty of man.”

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