World Health Day 2019

April 07, 2019

This year's slogan is #HealthForAll but in rural Bangladesh health care services are scarce and 90% of the mothers that come to The Sreepur Village are from these areas, and because of their financial circumstances, they cannot afford food let alone health care.

In the grounds of The Sreepur Village there is a hospital and under the public health department we have one programme coordinator and three skilled nurses.

The Public Health Department provides better health care services to more than 150 women and over 400 children during their 3-year stay in The Sreepur Village. We focus on health awareness programmes, scabies and de-worming programmes, and eye and dental camps.

The Public Health Department is staffed by various health professionals- a public health specialist, physiotherapist, nurse and cleaners and we choose to focus on prevention of ill-health rather than curing sickness. The primary goal of this department is to provide primary health care to mothers and their children by ensuring clinical support (to assess the symptoms, and then diagnose their health related issues by providing them with the proper treatment) as well as providing different types of health programme (health sessions and training, counselling on health issues) for disease prevention.

The Public health department also strives to control water borne and food borne diseases by hand washing sanitation practice, providing safe drinking water as well as ensuring a hygienic environment. Our water is tested by ICDDRB bi-annually.

To give you an idea, the monthly salary for a nurse in The Sreepur Village is 15000 Taka, which is approximately £135. Medicines cost The Sreepur Village 40,000 Taka (£362) and the annual cost of a GK First Aid session costs 60,000 taka (£544).    

The Sreepur Village believes that providing their mothers and children with the greatest wealth is providing them at first with the greatest health.

If you would like to donate to our Health Programme, then please click  here

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