New Families, New Hope

June 17, 2020

Until Monday, we were unable to admit any new families to The Sreepur Village, but as identified cases of the virus are increasing daily, we are now able to safely admit some impoverished families who are in desperate need of shelter, food and care.  

Seven destitute mothers and 13 vulnerable children have been welcomed into the village which means that poverty has not torn their families apart but instead a mother and her children can stay together in The Sreepur Village safe in the knowledge that there is hope for a brighter future.
As we are still in lockdown, in order to accommodate these new families we have made some minor structural modifications to the quarantine area and have had to furnish it with all household necessities such as bedding, sheets, towels, crockery and cutlery etc. We are also supplying play materials for the children and as quarantine is for two weeks we have also bought a TV. We have supplied, on admission, the mothers and their children with clean clothes so that their old clothes can be properly washed and extra cleaning materials have been provided throughout the quarantine areas. While the new families are in quarantine their food is cooked centrally then is brought to a table near the gate. This includes two tiffin (snacks) as well as tea and some biscuits.
It is with our heartfelt thanks to you our donors for helping us raise a significant amount of funds for our covid appeal.  It is because of you we have been able to make the families that are living in the village stay safe and also you have enabled us to set up a robust quarantine system for the new families and any returning staff.
Your donations have been invaluable in that we have been able to buy a direct medical digital thermometer so that temperatures can be taken whilst socially distancing, we have also purchased 12 sets of PPE and over ten boxes of disposable gloves, 400 surgical masks and 100 bottles of hand sanitiser.
A big issue is keeping people in quarantine when they arrive, so a blood sugar machine, oximeter (pulse) and blood pressure cuff have been bought to leave in
the quarantine area so that machines do not have to be carried in and out of a possibly infected area. We have also made sure that we have a good stock of paracetamol and other medicines too.
In order to keep track of everything, we have now been fortunate to provide the clinic with a laptop, in which the benefits will be huge.
We have also been able to purchase large quantities of cleaning materials such as bleaching powder, disinfectant, and detergent. These are for general use and for the quarantine area. Hand washing continues to be encouraged and with the donations we have bought 144 pieces of soap.
 As the government has closed schools and which are likely to remain closed until next year, we have bought a smart TV so that the children can participate in the online lessons that are being offered throughout the country. There has also been a number of thefts and breaches of the quarantine so with the funds we have kindly received we are planning to install a simple CCTV system in vulnerable areas.
All the things that we have been able to purchase, like the new equipment for the clinic, will not only help us get through the virus stage but will also enable us to protect more families in the the future.
If you would like to donate to our ongoing campaign please click here.
Thank you for providing more families with hope for a brighter future.

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