The Head Lice Treatment Bangladesh Clinic

December 21, 2017

Just last week, the Public Health Department organised a four-day camp at The Sreepur Village for the treatment and prevention of head lice in which a total of 208 beneficiaries were treated.

The Head Lice Treatment Bangladesh Clinic was set up by a UK company following a cry for help from The Sreepur Village which has a real problem at keeping head lice at bay.

Many people think head lice is a western issue but in The Sreepur Village, Bangladesh, it is a real concern as the chemical products being used were not preventing the lice from returning which, in fact, has an even bigger impact on the children’s lives in the way of everyday learning.

One of The Sreepur Village’s main focuses is on education so, armed with their professional devices, the UK Clear Hair Network were keen to offer their help. Coming from a small village called Withnell in Lancarshire, the team from the clinic had never ever been anywhere like Sreepur so when they visited, in October, it was a real eye opener for them.

One of the clinics’ volunteers gave up her own time to travel to The Sreepur Village and told us:

“What struck me first is the number of children there, the noise of over 400 of them and the happy smiles as we arrived, they eat together and live in the village receiving food and protection with their mothers. They attend school and get healthy meals. I have to admit the amount they eat is small and the diet is not so varied but they are grateful for every little bit.”

During the training the staff at The Sreepur Clinic were taught in the exact same way as in the UK, where every technician is given thorough training to make sure they can treat effectively which, in brief, is check, treat and complete, more details can be found at

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