Nutrition and Hydration Week 2019

March 11, 2019

As we commence Nutrition and Hydration Week, The Sreepur Village has been following one of its beneficiaries to see how the charity’s nutritional programme has been beneficial to her and her three children.

Thirty-year-old Taslima and her three children were reintegrated into the community after staying at The Sreepur Village for three years. Her children are all attending school, the two youngest are in class one and class two, respectively, and the eldest is in class six.

Since leaving The Sreepur Village, Taslima has been maintaining a nutrition diet chart every day. Taslima told us, “Now, I prefer vegetables, fruits and fish to meat. Every time I go shopping, I will always choose nutritional foods. So I am happy now, and I feel so much healthier than I was before I came to The Sreepur Village.

Taslima is currently a factory worker and earns around twelve thousand taka per month, which equates to 110 British pounds. Following the training she received in Health and Nutrition at The Sreepur Village, Taslima now spends about half of her income on her family’s balanced diet management. Her daily meals consist of vegetables, lentils, rice, chicken, eggs, milk and seasonal fruits all of which contain the right quantities of vitamins, protein and fat to fulfil a balanced and nutritious diet. Taslima and her three children all have a standard BMI, according to their height and age which, even after the community reintegration phase, shows that she considers nutrition as a priority for her and her family.  

With the support Taslima has received from The Sreepur Village, she now feels empowered to independently manage her family in respect of nutrition and education.

Following a recent storm in Bangladesh, many of the crops that were due to be harvested this month in The Sreepur Village have been destroyed. We are now looking to raise £5000 to cover the cost of these lost crops and appeal to you, during Nutrition Week, to help us raise the necessary funds so that we can not only grow more crops but help to grow minds too - feeding more families to a healthier future.

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