National Eye Health Week

September 23, 2019

 As today sees the start of National Eye Health Week, we would like to share with you the importance of our Public Health Department.

The Public Health Department in The Sreepur Village is staffed by various health professionals such as a public health specialist, a physiotherapist, nurse and cleaners. The primary goal of this department is to provide a first rate health service to all the mothers and children by ensuring clinical support (to assess the symptoms, and then diagnose the beneficiaries’ health related issues by providing them with the proper treatment) as well as providing different types of health programme (health sessions and training, counselling on health issues) for disease prevention.

Ms.Rita, one of our mother’s says, “I cannot read at night time because of my eye problem. The Sreepur clinic helped me and now I wear glasses so I can read at night.

Every year The Sreepur Village arranges an eye camp on their premises and following routine eye tests, six mothers and five children now need to wear glasses.

As Marcel Proust said, “the voyage of discovery is not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes.”

Did you know it costs 1000 taka, £10, to have your eyes tested in Bangladesh? So, if you would like to help more people see clearly into the future, then please click here.

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