Library Month 2019

September 24, 2019 1 Comment

There’s no better way of celebrating the soon approaching #LibraryMonth than sharing an empowering story from one of our child beneficiaries.

Akhter is in class seven at Tepi Bari High School and she would like to share her powerful story with you all. 

“I used to live in Hawor, one of Bangladesh’s most rural areas. My father was a shopkeeper but after he died my mother and I struggled to survive. One day my mother heard about The Sreepur Village and since 2017 we have been living there.

I have just taken my first semester exam. I want to be a police officer so that I can serve my country well.

When I was in my rural community, I went to Madrasa School. But I always wished I could study in a science school. Thanks to The Sreepur Village my dream has come true, and now I can have a proper education here.

In The Sreepur Village not only do we have great teachers but we also have healthy and nutritious food and clothes, basically everything we need, and more, we get here.

When I was in my community I couldn’t read English. Now I can read and write in English. One day, I hope I will be able to speak English.

I want to work for my country. I always pray for our donors, it’s because of them that I am alive.”

Every library needs good books and a good book needs a good bookmark.  So, to help other children like Akhter start a new chapter of their lives, then please purchase a bookmark and for £1 you’ll be helping to change the lives of many more vulnerable children.

To make a donation please click here or alternatively click here to order a hand crafted Eco-friendly and Fair trade accredited bookmark.



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