Hope for a Brighter Future during Covid Times

July 07, 2020

As The Sreepur Village has protective measures in place to welcome new families during the Covid pandemic, we would like to share with you a story of why these mothers are in desperate need of our shelter, food and care.

Speech impaired Julia, is just 14 years of age and is a single mother of a 10-month old baby girl. Without her disabled mother, who left when Julia was a young child, and following her father's death Julia was brought up by her mum’s sister who insisted, despite her age, that Julia should find a way of earning a living. Julia started looking for a source of income but all her efforts made her disappointed and out of frustration she started to beg in Gonger Chora Upazila which is in the District of Rangpur. While Julia was begging one day she was raped by someone and on 28th August, 2019 with the help of LAMB (Lutheran Aid to Medicine in Bangladesh) Hospital, an NGO of the American Santal Mission in Dinajpur, her daughter was born.

Following the birth of her daughter, LAMB hospital sent Julia and her daughter to the Danish Bangladesh Leprosy Mission (DBLM) who then contacted our social workers requesting that they both be sheltered in The Sreepur Village.

As we are the only charity in Bangladesh to keep children with their mothers and with the generous donations from our supporters enabling us to protect our families amid the Covid crisis, we welcomed Julia and her baby girl on 28th June, 2020.

Julia is almost at the end of her 14 day quarantine period and then The Sreepur Village can continue to care for Julia, empowering her and her daughter with hope for a brighter future.  

Please click here if you would like to donate to our Covid Appeal, which continues to be instrumental in protecting more mothers and children during this global pandemic.

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