Eradication of Poverty

November 26, 2019

What is The Sreepur Village doing to help eradicate poverty in Bangladesh?

Irani Haque comes from a remote area of Northern Bangladesh, she is a divorced woman with two children. Since 2018, she has been living with her two children in The Sreepur village, one of her children has been enrolled in pre-school while the other is studying in grade 3. After her husband divorced her, Irani suffered a great deal, she was unable to educate or clothe her children let alone feed herself or her family.

 Irani says, “I can’t believe it, my children are now actually getting an education, because when I was in my community I wasn’t able to send them to school. In The Sreepur village we also get three nutritious meals a day and on top of that, they are giving me Income Generating Activity training so that I can earn money and have opportunities for the future.

Before I came to The Sreepur Village, I couldn’t read or write but now I can. In The Sreepur village we are given healthy food, clothes, an education, health facilities and IGA training. This is what will enable me and my family to survive in the future.”

The Sreepur Village is working with destitute women who are living in extreme poverty and who have no way of providing a safe, secure, healthy and bright future for themselves and their families.

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