Celebrating the 47th Independence Day of Bangladesh

March 29, 2017

The 26th March is the most important day in the history of Bangladesh. The Sreepur Village celebrated the 47th Independence and National Day, with a vow to build a standard, happy life for the mothers and children, providing freedom from violence and poverty.

The war for independence was a fight for liberation from foreign rule, which started on the 26th March 1971 and lasted until Bangladesh’s victory on the 16th December.  Every year we observe the day, at The Sreepur Village, showing great honour to the freedom fighters who won the war and enabled independence for Bangladesh.

The children of the Shishu Polli School celebrated the ‘free spirit’ of the Bangladeshi Independence Day with great fervour and joy on Sunday. In excited anticipation, they gathered in the school grounds, where the assembly took place, with the national flag at full-mast and the melody of Amar Sonar Bangla (the national anthem of Bangladesh - listen http://bit.ly/2oxlt3S), performed by our Local Director Michael, one of our leader mothers and a child, to initiate the festivities.

In order to sensitise the little minds to the value of freedom and the struggle that our brave freedom fighters went through, an art competition was organised. The entire school attended the programme, including the pre-primary kids where they created splendid works of art.

After that, a discussion was held to inform others about the history of the relentless war for independence. Towards the end of the morning prizes were awarded to the winners of various events which had been running so far that day. There was a special meal prepared for everyone in ‘Big Dining’ as a celebratory Independence Day lunch.  During the afternoon of celebrations, a number of war films were shown for the children, to watch as they wished, after all the day was a celebration of freedom of independence.


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