Bicycle Workshop

February 01, 2018

In February of this year, Karen, one of our Instagram followers, expressed her willingness to volunteer at The Sreepur Village, and before she came she kindly raised some money for the mothers and children which we explained would be beneficial to a workshop that we were working on.

Whilst Karen was staying with us, for two to three days, Pat, the founder and overseas director of The Sreepur Village, suggested that the money she raised could go towards some bicycle tools and extra parts, so that we could repair our old bikes and offer our beneficiaries cycling lessons.

Cycling gives you a feeling of freedom and self-reliance and at The Sreepur Village we believe in empowering women so that they feel equal, confident and self-sufficient when living independently in society.

In rural Bangladesh public transportation is a nightmare for women, especially for the poor and marginalised. If our mothers could learn vital skills in repairing bicycles such as how to fix a puncture, then this would help them in many ways. With such skills, the mothers could set up their own businesses, they could also save money by repairing their own bikes, and ultimately by learning to cycle this would not only give them freedom but would also be a life saver in the villages especially in the Char (River Island).

Karen really liked the idea so we introduced, for the very first time, a bicycle workshop for our mothers which they couldn’t wait to get their hands on.

Karen also kindly bought some tool kits for the mothers and a bicycle for our children. We will give these tool kits at the time of their discharge. Karen was very happy with the workshop and the mother’s willingness and performance and we were delighted to have Karen support our cause.

Please contact us if you would like to donate to our workshop or alternatively if you would like to give the children a gift today then, for £50, you can buy a child a bike which will change their lives forever.

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