A Story of Celebration and Success

October 21, 2019 1 Comment

 Post our 30th anniversary, The Sreepur Village has set up an active Alumni group, inviting ex beneficiaries back to The Sreepur Village to celebrate one of their children’s birthdays.

Mitu Barman, one of our ex beneficiaries, recently celebrated his daughter’s birthday at The Sreepur Village. Abandoned as a young boy, Mitu came to live in The Sreepur village in 1982. He stayed in The Sreepur Village for six years and then in 1988 he went on to practice gymnastics in Dhaka. Following this he enrolled at Krira Sikkha Protistan, the national sports institute of Bangladesh.  In 2000 he finished his education and joined Aga Khan School as a sports teacher. In 2006 he got married and he now has two daughters, his eldest daughter reads in grade six and his youngest daughter is only two years old. Today he works as a sports coordinator at Narsingdi school.

On 12th October Mitu came back to The Sreepur Village to celebrate one of their children’s birthdays with The Sreepur village. Mitu was celebrating his daughter’s 2nd birthday and he very kindly donated 25 thousand taka (£228) so everyone could enjoy lunch and have tiffin (snacks). Mr.Mitu said, ”The Sreepur village is my home, The Sreepur village helped me a lot, so now it’s my time to help my home and my people. Now I am very happy.”


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Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

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