World Poetry Day

March 21, 2019

World Poetry Day, celebrated every year on March 21, is a day to encourage people to read, write, teach and publish poetry.

Rakib, a beneficiary residing in The Sreepur Village told us her favourite poet was Rabindranath Tagore, she said he was her idol and that she wanted to write poetry like him.

The Sreepur Village has a resident artist who teaches the children about poetry, literacy and art, and every year he arranges the publication of a collection of poems, all written by the children of The Sreepur Village.

We are delighted to share with you on #WorldPoetryDay a poem written by one of the children in The Sreepur Village.

'My Cat', by Shoma, 

"You are my love

I feel happy when you are with me

Why are you so angry?

You are my sleeping friend

Don't ever leave me

I love you"

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