World Mental Health Day

October 11, 2019

Yesterday the world recognised Mental Health Day, in The Sreepur Village charity in Bangladesh the mental and psychological well-being of the children and their mothers is of utmost importance to The Sreepur Village every single day.

The charity started the mental health service almost ten years ago. All mothers and children that come to live in The Sreepur Village will receive this service which supports all kinds of mental health issues with proper assessments and intervention plans along with regular follow up activities.

Our Goals and Objectives are:

  • To increase the understanding of the importance of mental health
  • Assist those suffering with mental illness encouraging them to lead more productive and healthy life styles
  • Work with individuals, families, groups, support workers to help identify any problems, resolve conflicts and promote optimal functioning in everyday life
  • Work to prevent social, emotional and behavioural dysfunction and mental health disorders

Our Process and Techniques Tools are:

  1. Clinical interview
  2. Applying Bangla adapted different psychometric scales to measure disorder
  3. Cognitive therapy
  4. Behaviour modification techniques
  5. Individual psychotherapy
  6. Group counselling (mothers, children and family)
  7. DSM-V is used to categorize the specific mental and behavioral disorder 


    1. Understanding mental health and its importance
    2. Having more confidence and earn better self-esteem
    3. Learned emotion regulation techniques
    4. Realise the differences of expectation versus reality
    5. Being more adjustable to cope with any situation
    6. Successful in how to deal with anger and stress

Under The Sreepur Village’s mental health programme, encouraging positive parenting and classes in understanding emotion, conflict management, problem solving, decision making are run through a variety of training sessions. Last year The Sreepur Village introduced the importance of World Mental Health Day with their beneficiaries and their children raising awareness and helping them to become more conscious about their mental health issues.

Every month our mothers will meet to discuss any concerns or worries they have about their futures. We also hold muscular relaxation and yoga classes to aid in stress which also heavily focuses on wellness, self-belief and positivity.

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