Sustainable Living for Poor Families after COVID-19

November 27, 2020

. With COVID-19 very much still in our lives, many of our mothers will have lost their jobs in the garment factories and many will have no source of income to provide the basics for their families let alone food. In order to provide more families with financial security, it is important that we can empower them with life-saving skills, like goat and duck farming, which will help them independently sustain a safe, secure and healthy future for their families.   

 We asked one of our mothers to share with us what this year’s Big Give campaign means to her.

What brought you to The Sreepur Village?

Due to my husband’s mental disorder, a few days into  my marriage he started to physically torture me. He did nothing for me and my three children. I became helpless and there were no relatives that could help  me. It was my neighbour who suggested I come to The Sreepur Village and in June 2017, I was welcomed into the Sreepur family.

Why is goat and duck farming so important for you and your family?

When I was with my husband I had nothing so when I came to The Sreepur Village, I was looking forward to getting involved in some income generating work. After I arrived at Sreepur, I was enrolled in the goat and duck rearing training. I was very pleased because I did have some previous experience in goat rearing and after completing the training at Sreepur I am now confident enough to start my small business which will be based on goat and duck farming. As a female this job is more convenient for me because it doesn’t require huge arrangements and along with the business side of things, I can also feed my children the eggs, milk and meat.


How long did it take for you to learn?

It took around six months for goat and duck rearing training. I have learnt every process which includes selecting the breed, how to keep the goats and ducks healthy and strong, their housing requirements and how to take them in and out of their shed.

What did you find difficult?

Here the breeds are sourced from The Sreepur Village but in our own community we have to source and select the breed ourselves, but we have learnt how to do this during our training sessions. Sometimes a duck or goat will have a contagious disease so we have to isolate them to avoid contamination. There is the risk of medicinal diseases so we have to know the signs and then make contact with our local veterinary centre. 

Why is goat and duck farming so beneficial for the future?

By rearing goats, I can generate a steady source of revenue and independently support my family. Goats are cheaper to maintain, they have a friendly disposition and have very few demands for housing and management. Goat meat has no religious taboo and is very popular in our local area so I will be able to sell the goats when they have matured. Also, goat’s milk is considered more nutritious and is cost effective so I can sell milk easily as well as feed my children.    

Ducks require basic housing and their eggs are higher in value than chickens. Duck eggs have a longer shelf life and are nutritious and also very popular in our area.

I believe goat and duck farming will be hugely beneficial for me. I will be independently able to ensure a stronger future for my children.  With a steady source of income, I can provide my children with a roof over their heads, food and an education, all things that The Sreepur Village has given us hope for. 

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