Shishu Polli School Science and Art-Craft Fair

May 26, 2017

A day-long science and art-craft fair organised by the Shishu Polli School (The Sreepur Village School) was held at the school premises at The Sreepur Village today. Pat inaugurated the fair as the chief guest. The school has been organising the science fair for its students for last three years and for the second time we also invited other schools to join the fair. Around 300 students altogether - class five grades of our School and from four other schools participated in the fair. More than 15 science projects, innovated and prepared by the school students, were displayed at the fair. In the art-craft stand students presented lots of drawings and crafts made from clay.

The science and art-craft fair for young children is one of the greatest endeavours at The Sreepur Village for their intellectual development. Our children need total involvement in learning science and to develop scientific skills through science-based activities. Therefore, the science fair is ideal in accomplishing this objective, by giving students an opportunity to learn a scientific topic or concept in greater depth.

In this science fair, the students were asked to share their project idea with their teacher before the exhibition day. Then the teacher prefers the students to participate in groups, so that they can learn different life skills there. It strengthens the student’s knowledge of the subject matter. In this event, the groups of students are divided according to their age and class standards. Thus, they are given projects based on their class curriculum. It provides a platform for the students to exhibit their inner talents. They present different projects related to their study. The projects include natural insecticides, how to use air pressure, waste management, food preservation, how to make saline water for drinking, the water storage capacity of soil and a tree’s life. In the art-craft stand, many of our children submitted their drawings. Children from different schools also submitted some drawings. In the morning Pat, teachers and other staff of The Sreepur Village visited different projects and students explained to them about their projects. After that, the students of the school visited all the projects and spent quality time exploring the magic of science and arts. The students and teachers from different schools visited the projects and at the end mothers of The Sreepur Village had a visit to observe the activities of their children.

Priya, a 12-year-old girl said, “I feared while practising for the exhibition but performed very confidently today. From the morning of the day of the exhibition, there was an enthusiasm among all the students in school. As we belong to an agriculture based country where most of the villagers are farmers, we decided to present our exhibition theme based on the agricultural insecticide. Here we present the natural insecticide, which will not harm to crop quality, farmer health and most importantly to the environment”.

At afternoon, the prize distribution ceremony was held. Pat awarded the winners and all participants. Speaking on the occasion Pat explained to the audience that we organised the fair so that students became interested in science and technology and were able to generate new ideas for the development of society. The enthusiasm shown by the young scientists was above expectation and wonderful to see; simply electrifying.


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