Nutrition and Hydration Week

March 20, 2020

As the #CoronaCrisis spreads panic and fear throughout the world, our Nutrition programme really is food for thought right now.

Since 2017, we have been training our mothers in agriculture literacy and how to grow their own vegetables in sacks which means if they ever become isolated they will be able to self-sufficiently strengthen immunity by independently providing nutritious food for their families. The rainbow gardens training teaches our mothers the nutritional value of each vegetable and fruit according to its colour. This training is essential and even more so as the corona virus spreads.

In The Sreepur Village the following departments: Public Health, Mother and Care, Agriculture-based and Literacy training are all working together to give more impoverished mothers and their children nutritional knowledge and the key ingredients to a healthy and self-sufficient future.

Mother and care department:

At every mother’s meeting we discuss nutritional food and their food menu.  For those suffering from malnutrition, we provide extra milk and eggs.

Public health department:

Annually, the clinic arranges three awareness workshops on nutrition covering all aspects for our mothers.

Agriculture based training and support:

Agriculture based training and support gives every mother the opportunity to train in rainbow gardens, Sack gardening and Homestead gardening. Twice a year 24 mothers will receive training from the agriculture department. Per mother it costs every year 970 BDT (approx. £9) and that includes a part time trainer and any production costs. Training in Sack Gardening means the production of different nutritious vegetables grown in sacks which can be transported easily so an essential skill that will provide nutrition for all the family when a mother returns to her community.

Zannatul one of our mothers said ‘I am learning rainbow gardening and learn many new things like the nutrition value of carrots etc.”

Ripa said, “My child gets extra meals from The Sreepur Village because he is underweight – he has extra milk and eggs.”

Kakoli said, “The Public health department gives us knowledge about nutrition, this will help me a lot in the future.”

If you would like to donate £10 to help us train another mother in Sack Gardening and Rainbow Gardens, then please click here.

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