National Gardening Week

April 29, 2019

“My name is Amina Khatun and I am living in The Sreepur village. One of the things I am learning is how to make sack gardening, which will be extremely useful to me and my family when we return to our community in the near future.”

Another one of our beneficiary mothers, Lolita, told us her favourite hobby is gardening and being able to grow her own vegetables was something that she never thought she would be able to do.

As part of our literacy classes, our mothers have a 40-minute lesson, every day, on all aspects of gardening and as part of our agriculture training our mothers get to learn about home state gardening.

This section provides home-stead gardening and vegetable cultivation training so that more women can reintegrate back into their communities with skills in agriculture, providing long-term security for their families.

Agricultural literacy classes were introduced in October 2018. The mothers are divided into seven classes where they study and learn the topic of Sack Gardening, which aims to teach the mothers the letters, signs and words related to gardening as well as how to grow vegetables in sacks.

There are many benefits of Sack Gardening, one of which is empowering more women to independence. Growing your own vegetables in Sacks is beneficial especially when you consider Bangladesh’s climate and how land crops can easily be destroyed.  The fact that these sacks can be transported means that families have a consistent source of food, nutrition and security.  

Sixty percent of the vegetables that The Sreepur Village uses in its daily meals come from the vegetables grown in Sacks produced by our mothers.

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