Jahanara's Journey

January 12, 2021

Jahanara, is a mother of two daughters and one son. When her husband passed away and in order to earn a living and survive she found a job locally making garments.

Everything was going so well but then COVID-19 struck!

In early Jan/Feb of 2020 when COVID-19 was rapidly starting to spread in almost every district of Bangladesh, disruption also started to escalate in Jahanara’s life.  Jahanara decided to move back to her family’s village because without any income she couldn’t afford the rent of house where she used to live beside her working station. Every day she was struggling to feed her children all under the age of 12.

After spending her, all but very little, savings Jahanara started to seek help from her relatives but all her efforts went in vain. She saw a bleak future with no prospects for her family. It was while living like this, at rock bottom, that her neighbour told her about The Sreepur Village.

After communicating with Sreepur’s social workers, in June 2020, Jahanara and her family went to live in The Sreepur Village.

Now in 2021, Jahanra is participating in various livelihood training schemes but she is mainly focusing on garments and tailoring. Her children are spending quality time with her in The Sreepur Village and they have resumed their studies in Sreepur’s school.

Jahanara told us, “If I can continue advanced training in garments it will boost my skills and after three years when I leave The Sreepur Village, it will be easier for me to find work and I will therefore be in a better position to support myself and ultimately my family.”

The Sreepur Village has been able to welcome families affected by COVID-19 like Jahanara's and empower more mothers with new skills all because of the continued support, generosity and kindness of its donors.

If you would like to donate to The Sreepur Village which will help keep families together and safe and empower more mothers, like Jahanara, with independence and dignity, then please click here.  


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