International Mother Earth Day

April 23, 2019

Yesterday was International Mother Earth Day and today we share with you the successes of our bamboo weaving project that helps to empower more women in The Sreepur Village, Bangladesh.

Did you know that it costs just £8 to train one of our women in bamboo weaving, which will help her to create a sustainable livelihood for all the family?

Currently, four of our mothers are receiving training in bamboo weaving and last year, 55 mothers were trained in this transferable craftsmanship.

Bamboo weaving is a three-month training programme; it is an income-generating scheme that enables our mothers to save for the future. Once trained, the mothers can produce anything from baskets to pen holders which are then sold in nearby local markets, the profits of which go back into training more women in this empowering programme.  

“My name is Rahima Begum and I have been in The Sreepur Village since 2017. I have just started my bamboo weaving training and I love it because I have always wanted to make natural and sustainable products. When I return to my community, I really want to work in bamboo weaving and be able to sell them to my friends.

Please donate £8 today and you'll be helping more women to weave a life of happiness…

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