International Childrens Book Day

April 02, 2019

“I am Bobita. I am in grade 3 at The Sreepur Village School. My hobby is to read many books. In the Sreepur Village, we have a library and every day I read books - I love books more than anything.”
“I am Hira. I am in grade 6. In my school there is a library but I can’t read because of the lack of books. I hope we can soon get lots of colourful books by our donors.”
Every day children come to The Sreepur Village library to read. They love colourful books but the problem is every day they are reading the same ones. Our aim is to provide our mothers and children with a variety of colourful books, as well as fiction and non-fiction, as the more books we have to offer the bigger the impetus is to read, said Mr Riaz, The Sreepur Village Educational Coordinator.
Whether its buying one of our handmade jute bookmarks for a £1 or sending a one-off donation, enabling children to read is a powerful tool for their futures.

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