Health and Safety Day in Lockdown

April 28, 2020

Today is World Day for Health and Safety and given the current world crisis we are all experiencing, the health and safety of our mothers, their children and those that dedicate their lives to helping the vulnerable, needs protecting now more than ever.

Like other countries all over the world, Bangladesh is also in lockdown, which for our charity means 150 mothers, more than 300 children and approx. 50 members of staff are living side by side together in The Sreepur Village, the place they call home. 

The Sreepur Village is where these impoverished families feel safe, it is where they can eat healthy and nutritious meals three times a day and where,

 if needed, they can receive basic medical care.

In The Sreepur Village children receive an education and their mothers are taught income generating activities so that when they leave and return to their communities they are empowered and able to independently look after their families, keeping them safe, secure and healthy for the foreseeable future.

In lockdown, our number one priority right now is the health and safety of our mothers and their children. Currently, we have no cases of the virus and with the donations we have gratefully received we are able to continue to put measures in place to prevent such deadly outcomes.   

Recently, we were able to buy two thermal thermometers which, at approx. £100 each, are an extravagant purchase for a small charity but the benefits are huge if we can continue to keep our mothers and children protected.  

These thermometers, recommended by medical specialists, do not touch the skin, instead they are moved back and forth, 3-cm away, across the forehead. With more than 400 people living in The Sreepur Village, if the virus is introduced we will need to monitor all temperatures and put anyone who has a fever in isolation immediately. 

While expensive, the advantages of these thermal thermometers over standard thermometers are hugely beneficial. With a thermal thermometer, it’s much quicker to detect a temperature and as they are non-invasive you do not need to make contact with the person who may be infected.  Even though we disinfect our standard thermometers, thorough cleaning will not guarantee the removal of all traces of the virus. These advanced thermometers are accurate and very easy to use and train others in using, for example if they are in the right range, a smiley face, along with the temperature will appear.

In normal conditions we would never buy such expensive items but we felt that If we were to have any cases, then having tools that could prevent further spread among a family of 450 is vital if we are to save the lives of our mothers and children, who have nowhere else to go and who have put their futures in our hands.

If you would like to donate to our appeal which is helping to protect our mothers by keeping them healthy and safe then please click here.



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