Happy Birthday 2019

December 31, 2019

Imagine never knowing when you were born…

For the majority of the mothers and children that come to live in The Sreepur Village they are totally unaware of their true date of birth which is why the charity has for a long time spent Christmas Day as a day to mark all of their birthdays.

Words cannot describe the joy that it is to give a gift of happiness and seeing smiles beam from corner to corner of The Sreepur Village is like hundreds of decorative lights illuminating the sky.

Christmas is a time for loving, sharing and giving and it is, of course, fun to receive gifts from a lot of people. For the children and mothers in The Sreepur Village the experience is, however, totally different. These most vulnerable people are from the marginalised corners of the country so, on the occasion of Christmas, we like to be the ones who can share blessings and spread love and joy to each and every one of them.

As our mothers and their children immersed themselves in a variety of activities, we took the opportunity to take lots of photos and ask them what this day means to them:

Nila, one of our children who studies in grade two told us her feelings about this day; "I think Christmas means joy and peace, because I feel happy that day and I got lots of gifts and chocolate."

Babul, one of our children who studies in grade five, he told us; "On Christmas day we all enjoy our birthdays and we celebrate this day in many colourful ways."

Nur Banu, one of our mothers expressed her voice about Christmas day, She told us, "Sreepur Village is our home, we celebrate this day as our birthday, all mothers and children got gifts. We are waiting for Christmas day every year.

It is with the support of our donors, volunteers and trustees that on this day we were able to bring joy and happiness to over 150 women and more than 350 children, making dreams come true and bringing more hope for a brighter future.

Thank you to everyone for their most generous support and from everyone at The Sreepur Village both in Bangladesh and the UK, we wish you all a wonderful holiday.

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