#GivingTuesday #MyGivingStory

December 03, 2019

As part of #UKCharityWeek, we mark today's #GivingTuesday with a #MyGivingStory from one of our loyal supporters. 

Debbie has been a supporter of The Sreepur Village for about five years, she first became involved with the charity whilst she was living in Bangladesh, every week she  volunteered her time to help with the mothers and children at The Sreepur Village.

Since returning to the UK Debbie has continued to make a monthly donation to our charity.

Debbie says. "For me the fact that it is a small charity and knowing where the money is being used is very important. The Sreepur Village helps the most vulnerable women and children of Bangladesh by empowering them to become financially independent by learning new skills that they can use to earn a living to support themselves & their children.

Having spent many hours at The Sreepur Village, Bangladesh, I can honestly say that the women and children are amongst some of the happiest people I have ever met and this can only be down to the fact that it is an amazing place where the beneficiaries have at last found a place where they feel safe and secure.

This charity has an amazing rehabilitation ethos where most beneficiaries are able to be financially independent within three years, thereby being able to maximise the number of women and children that can be helped. This charity also has programmes to help the street children, who again are amongst the most vulnerable. Having lived for three years in Bangladesh I can only say that this charity is doing amazing work for women and their children who have suffered unimaginable situations."

From the mothers, children  and all those involved inThe Sreepur Village charity, we would like to say a very big thank you to Debbie for her #GivingStory and for her continued support.

It is because of the valued support from all our donors, volunteers and trustees that The Sreepur Village can continue to empower more women and keep more families together so that they can build stronger futures without any poverty or fear. 

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