Fruitful Connections

March 14, 2023

This March, in conjunction with British Science Week, we are launching 'Fruitful Connections'

We would like to take this opportunity for you to make a connection to a special occasion or a loved one by having a lemon tree planted in the grounds of Sreepur Village, in exchange for a donation of your choice.

One of our Patrons, Lady Sue Tunnicliffe, is heading 'Fruitful Connections' as she has been instrumental in our mothers learning Every Day Science since she set up the Talking Science Project in 2010. 

We were fortunate to have Sue plant the very first lemon tree, as seen in the picture above.

Plants are all connected in a family tree stretching back millennia so by having your very own lemon tree planted, in exchange for a donation, it is a wonderful way to connect to a memorable occasion or the life of a loved one or pet. 

Our mothers will nurture your plants while at the same time learning the every day science involved in growing a lemon tree. In Bangladesh lemons could be mistaken for limes for the colour of their rind resembles that of a lime.

Furthermore, when your lemons are fully grown they will provide our mothers and their children with an excellent source of vitamin C as well as many other health benefits.

To have a lemon tree planted in exchange of a donation of your choice please click here which will take you to our donations page. 

Please then click OTHER and kindly fill out your details with your inscription for your tree at the bottom of the donations page.



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