Trustees Week 2020

November 08, 2020

Before we start a new week, we would like to end on another thank you to trustee, Dr.Sheila Fitzpatrick, who is also retiring from The Sreepur Village board of trustees. 
Here we share with you Sheila's journey with The Sreepur Village.
"I became involved with Sreepur after our VSO in Bangladesh.
On our one day off we went up to the village and met Pat, she was inspirational.
While we were on our tour, we thought Sreepur was such a magical place and wanted to help. Jim became a patron and I was honoured to become a trustee.
We have seen a lot of rural Bangladesh in our five visits and realise how much the village is needed. Promotion of girls education is a passion for me and is being undertaken every day at The Sreepur Village.
I know to some it is a small charity in a country with massive challenges. However, I was struck by a comment from a member of the House of Lords when chatting about enormity of problems.
He said “many drops make an ocean “.
That is why even a small contribution can make a huge difference."
On behalf of everyone at The Sreepur Village, we would like to thank Sheila for her time and the support that she has given to the charity and how she has been pivotal in helping to bring hope to more impoverished mothers and children living in Bangladesh.

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