The story of Momina: an oppressed mother

October 13, 2016

Violence against women is the most pervasive human rights violation that is regularly faced in Bangladesh. Violence against women is caused and is a consequence of inequality and discrimination towards women. The most pervasive form of violence against women in Bangladesh is domestic violence. Nearly 64% of the women face domestic violence by her husband, her in-laws or her own family. And the ultimate result of this domestic violence is divorce.

Momina, a mother from Rangpur (a northern district of Bangladesh), came to Sreepur Village with her two children over a year ago.

When she was 14 years old her parents organised an arranged marriage for her. In her new family she was the only member to work. Her husband continuously pressurised and tortured her for the dowry; all of this in front of his family. All of a sudden after six months of her marriage her husband died and so she returned to her father’s family.

After a while her parents arranged another marriage to an older man; she was the second wife of this man.  During this time Momina gave birth two daughters; her husband was not happy with this as he wanted her to have a boy. As a punishment for only having daughters he regularly physically assaulted her.  After six years of this marriage, the ex-wife of her husband returned.  Now she was being tortured by both of them: they ran her over with a steamroller and they kept her unfed for two to three days at a time. After two months, her husband eventually divorced her.  Helplessly she came back to her father’s family but it’s not easy to stay with two children in a poverty stricken family.  Whilst working in neighbour’s house Momina heard about Sreepur Village and came to us.

Since being at Sreepur Momina has begun to work on our tailoring training scheme, this will help her to get a job in a garment factory when she leaves without starting from scratch.  And now her two daughters are studying which also gives them a better start in life.  Momina has a dream to open a clothing store after leaving Sreepur so that she can be independent for herself and her daughters.

We wish her lots of luck with her dream and know that she will make it come true.

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