Swimming interview with Adelle and her instructor, Vivash

July 23, 2021

During our Swim Safe programme this year, we were able to ask one of our young swimmers, Adelle and her instructor, Vivash, what they thought of the swimming programme.

Is this your first swimming lesson?

Yes, I’m learning how to swim for the first time. In the Sreepur Village I’m
learning swimming skills and how to rescue others from the water.

How old are you?

12 years old.

How did you feel getting into the pond?

I was afraid of swimming and I had fear of water but these last few days
I’m swimming every day in the pond.

Why do you think learning to swim is important?

Swimming is important because every year lots of children die from
drowning. After completing this swimming training I will be able to save
myself and others from water.

Would you like to keep swimming as a hobby?

Yes, I love getting in the water and I enjoy swimming very much. 

How long have you been teaching children to swim?
I have been teaching swimming for 5 years.

Is it difficult teaching them in a pond vs a swimming pool?
Children have a fear of snakes. Though very hardly they can see a snake, they get scared and some children have fear of water therefore it is tough to manage a younger child in a pond.

How many children die from drowning per day?
35-40 children die from drowning in Bangladesh daily.

What do you think is the most important thing about swimming?
Drowning claims the lives of thousands of children in Bangladesh every year. Bangladesh is a revering country, there are many ponds and canals here and there. To protect themselves and others everyone should learn how to swim safe.

If you would like to donate to our Swim Safe appeal then please click here.

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