Parul & Sweetie: End of Story

January 16, 2017

Every child and adult will remember the stories they were told or read about a hero, exceptionally blessed and flourishing in life - a story of ambition and living life. But true success stories are not always like the stories we remember. They still involve ambition, but more often it is ambition to succeed despite the odds stacked against us rather than to simply live alongside the luck of floating through life. 
Today we want to share an update with you on one of these stories - Parul and Sweetie! 

You will remember Parul and Sweetie, they joined us at Sreepur Village at the beginning of last year and we regularly updated our blog with the changes and excitements of their lives here. 
Parul is a formidable mother. She comes originally from a Northern District of Bangladesh and spent much of her life surviving cruel conditions. She found her way to Sreepur with her beautiful daughter, Sweetie. 
For the first 6 months at Sreepur, Parul worked in our Big Dining Hall. She helped to prepare and serve the food that all of our mothers and children eat each day. After her time in the Hall, Parul joined out Weaving Section... and we are so pleased to be able to share that through her training in our Weaving Section Parul has now found a job! 
She has joined as a machine operator in a garment factory! It is a good job with a good salary, allowing Parul to rebuild her independence and self-confidence in being able to support not only herself, but her beautiful little girl. 
In the last year Parul has also gone on a number of short courses and workshops, as well as regularly attending our Adult Literacy classes - where her last evaluation was excellent! Parul has also taken part in our workshops on family budget management, legal rights, and public health. Even with all of that - she also enjoys music classes! 

A few days ago we managed to catch up with Parul before she left the campus for work:
" When I didn’t have anywhere to go, I took shelter in Sreepur Village. To me, the most important thing was my daughter’s safety, and guarantee of a normal life for her. I got it. Living here is very safe. Sreepur is a secure place for my baby girl and even though I will have to leave her here without me for the next two months while I work, I know she will be fine. After managing to find a day care center in my workplace, I will take Sweetie with me. 
When I first arrived at Sreepur I was so frustrated and physically weak, but within a year I can now stand on my own ground. Now I have a job, I can manage my financial essentials. I attended the different short course. Here I also attend music lessons. I love music and now I have learned it for Sweetie. So that I can teach her in the future."
A true testament to the strong women who find their way to us at Sreepur Village and are able to make use of our practical life skills training. Putting their newfound power and skills to use, women like Parul are able to go on to do the most incredible things! We are so proud of ALL of the mothers and children at Sreepur, for all of their ambition in life and the perseverance to reach their dreams. 

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