Sreepur Village vs England Cricket Team

July 23, 2016

Over two years ago our girl’s cricket team was formed with a great dream to play for the country as a part of the National Cricket Team. Now the dream feels closer after our girls met with the England Cricket Team earlier this week.  According to our girls it seemed as if they were flying high in the sky. We talked with three of our team that met with the English players.

Ismat, a popular cricketer of Team Sreepur is currently attending a Camp for Cricket Training at Bangladesh’s Krira Shiksha Pratisthan, BKSP, the largest national sports training institute in Bangladesh.

“Primarily, I couldn’t believe the England team was standing in front of me. I said hello to Buttler and he said hello right back. It was amazing. When I heard that we couldn’t play with them I was a bit upset but gradually every member of the England Cricket Team came to us and we got the chance to introduce ourselves to them it was wonderful. The most amazing thing was being able to practice our catching with Steven (Finn). He hit the ball and I went to catch it… it was a dream - I can’t say more than that”.

Chumki, another member of the Sreepur team is also attending the cricket training camp at BKSP. When she was younger she met with the Freddie Flintoff and other members of the England Cricket Team). Now she is a pretty young girl and meeting with the Team again.

“I have a dream to play at Lord’s Cricket Ground and that was accelerated by meeting with Steven, Buttler and the team. When I found out there was a chance to meet with them excitement ruined my night’s sleep. Steven practiced with us in ground fielding, high catching and taught us some techniques. It makes me proud that I can share it with others in our camp.”

Nadira is an excellent cricketer of the Sreepur Team. She also met with the English Team.

“I wanted to play with them so badly but as it was a rush hour but didn’t get that long.  But the time we did get was a quality and remarkable time. I have learned a lot. I have a weakness to high catching but when they inspired me to get it right; it is now easier to catch the ball.  That was a blessed day. I loved it.”


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