Blankadesh in Sreepur Village

January 02, 2017

Every year the winters in Bangladesh are becoming harsher. With the conditions rapidly worsening, people, especially those living in the northern regions and rural area of Bangladesh, have been suffering greatly and trying to survive this season is a challenge for all underprivileged people in Bangladesh. At Sreepur we are also affected by the extreme drop in temperatures, but to help us protect our mothers and children from this cold, Blankadesh has come forward.

You will already know about the wonderful help we have received from Blankadesh through an earlier Facebook post, but over the past month they have did an outstanding job and we are grateful that once again they have offered us their help and support.

Blankadesh has donated 1400 fleece blankets to The Sreepur Village! Most of the blankets were distributed among the mothers, children and staff of Shishu Polli Plus. Some will also be distributed among our special project children (Drop in Centre and Night Shelter Project), and the rest will be distributed at Kurigram (a vulnerable district in the North).

The supplies were collected through donations from a number of individuals and were also supported by the American International School, the Nordic Club and the British Women's Association. We are thankful to each and every person and organisation who had us in their hearts and worked tirelessly to help us prepare for the chill in the weather.

Bangladesh is usually a country of moderate weather, but the winter causes a great shock to the mid-north region of the country.  It is a curse for the poor people across the country, sweeping in with a frost in the air and catching all who do not have shelter to protect them. Although Sreepur Village is near the capital city (60km from Dhaka) the winter still reached us and struck our mothers and children harshly.  Every year we need more and more blankets and warm clothes for them and so last Sunday, Blankadesh came to our aid and made a visit to our Sreepur campus. Two representatives from Blankadesh, came to here to distribute blankets and warm clothes among the mothers and children. They also gave the children ‘hand-made baby blankets’ as a special gift, and spent some precious time with our mothers and children.

Their tour gives us warmth in our body and hearts.  Lots of love from Sreepur Village.


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