Birthday Celebrations in The Village

January 05, 2017

In your family how many people have their birthday on the same day? You may be surprised, but in our family we celebrate the birthdays of over 300 children in our Sreepur Village on Christmas Day every year. Making Christmas extra special for the children at the village. Celebrating the children's birthdays on Christmas Day each year makes for a magnificent celebration for all of us.

To celebrate the day takes a lot of preparation - as you can imagine! Starting in November we begin to wrap presents for all of the children. Keeping all of their presents secret takes great planning and secrecy - anyone with children will know how clever they can be when they are trying to sneak a peak at their presents!

As well as the birthday presents, we worked hard to decorate the village beautifully. Some of our children, with the help of our school teacher Angushuman, made a Christmas tree with lots of stars and butterflies. Others worked with our resident artist Milon to decorate the entire campus. In front of all of our buildings they draw Alpona (painting on the floor) and all of the buildings were decorated with multi-coloured lights.

On Christmas morning, we cut a large cake that is a regular birthday gift for our children, a kind and generous donation by ‘Dhaka Regency’ (local hotel and resort). Needless to say that our children hugely enjoy the cake every year, and love feeling so special and celebrated.

Our head of HR Mustaque dresses up like Santa Claus, and Matt (our child development specialist) dressed like a deer. Each year they bring huge amounts of joy to all of our children. Our Chairman and Regional Director handed out special gifts to our children, mothers and staff. There were lots of gifts: balloon, lollipop, doll, car, wrist watch, satchel, educational tools and much more!

On Christmas afternoon there was a colourful celebration program, and that evening we held a concert. A night of great music, joy and loud celebrations was led by two rock bands performed for our mothers and children. The birthday boys, girls and also their mothers had a great day. All of them loved celebrating their birthday. Happy Birthday to all of our darling children!

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