Adoption Awareness Month

November 10, 2017

November is being observed as adoption awareness month. The purpose is to raise awareness and to put the limelight on adoption as a means of building families for children. Throughout the world, every child deserves to be part of a family, however, this is not always the case. This month will not only be raising awareness but will also be focusing on the ways adoption touches our lives and how we can make a better life for every child.

The Sreepur Village, Bangladesh, works as a family for all the children. Originally named ‘Families for Children’, The Sreepur Village started its journey with many abandoned children and over the years has delivered its mission of giving a permanent family to its children.

Now, The Sreepur Village works for both mothers and children as, ultimately, children should not be separated from the family because through a secure family unit a child can build a bright future.  Currently, The Sreepur Village is the family unit for over 500 children.

All the mothers of the Sreepur Village are from differing backgrounds. Unable to take care of their children when they were in their local communities they kept their children with their relatives.  However, when we were able to reach out to them, we helped the mothers to bring their children with them to The Sreepur Village.

In the village, they live in a family environment and are provided with shelter, food, health checks and education, with the aim to provide them with a better future. Throughout the process, we help thousands of children to stay permanently with their families and by doing this we give them hope for a brighter future.

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